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Heart to Heart : Division

Heart shaped pockets_Shorts_Lazy Oaf_Spring 2013

I have been thinking about it for a while now, so I’m now going to make the announcement : Likeabyul will take a more personal road. Making outfits posts has always been a pleasure to me, but it is also quite compelling and limited because I always need someone to help me behind the camera. At the same time, I want to share a little more of my life : besides shoes, I take great interest in everything related to skincare/beauty (and pastries !). I actually spend 3/4 of my budget allowed on shopping on cosmetics rather than clothes, so it is significant enough to share my finds with my readers (but please don’t read makeup between the lines ! I’m the kind of girl who goes out bare face, and still dares to take outfits pictures in the day light :) ). At the moment, I’m still figuring out the kind of posts I want to write in my forthcoming posts, but I can assure you that I will not stop making outfits posts. It would still be a personal style blog, but with a pinch of lifestyle, like 85% outfits and 15% random. I may lose some readers along the way, and I can totally understand it, but I have made up my mind. I am open to your suggestions, so your comments (and mails for the timid ones ;) ) are very welcome.

Pictures captured using a tripod – Lounging at home in Lazy Oaf SS13 shorts.

Heart shaped pockets_Shorts_Lazy Oaf_Spring 2013

Strict minimum

crop top

crop top topshop

crop top

crop top

zipia coat


Perfect weather to wear a crop top today. Going monochrome and very minimal, because who would want to spend hours in front of the rack when the sun calls out ? I still brought my coat though, since I’m quite sensitive to cold (and sun burns lol).  The thing I love the most in this outfit must be its simplicity and the mix of the white pants with my black chelsea booties : I don’t wear white pants very often (I have to be very cautious about not spoiling them with coffee stain or dirt) but this is convincing me to bring them out more often. What are your thoughts ? What would you wear them with ?

Crop top from Topshop // Coat -similar here and here-and pants from Zipia // Bag from Asos -similar here and here-// Chelsea boots from Pomme Passion -similar here-


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