A répétition

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likeabyul_à répétition


Black have always been a recurrent theme with me (all black or its other variation in black and white). While I don’t complain about it during the heat, everyone tells me how much hotter I make them feel. With the play on words, I would say that it is my pleasure my friend. ㅋㅋㅋ
Would you guys still wear black during summer or opt straight for lighter colors ? I do, since I have this (un)fair advantage of not sweating a lot.


On a totally unrelated note… Saw a quote in the subway after coming back to Paris. I’ll share it here as I quite like it :

“Le silence est d’or, alors je me suis ruiné à te l’expliquer”.
Basically it means : “Silence is golden so I went broke trying to explain it to you”. likeabyul_emoji_face_throwing_a_kiss


Wearing :
Asos Studded Bag | H&M Romper | Booties from Pomme Passion



  • Joli look! Je suis fan du sac <3

    • Likeabyul

      Merci du compliment, Laetitia ~ ♥