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Hi Chantal, we have seen that you quite often wear short or tight outfits. Do you suggest to wear or not underwear underneath them. And if yes what kind of underwear is more suitable to wear? Thanks a lot and sorry for the stupid question but you can’t imagine how hard is what choose when dresses or skirt are tight or very short. By the way congratulations for your blog and the high quality of it. best regards Sheroo and Oreste from Italy from Sheroo and Oreste 2. March 2016

Hi Sheroo and Oreste,
First of all, thank you so much for your kind words !
To answer your question, I do wear something beneath but not anything particular, just my usual undergarments. I would recommend seamless or microfibers ones though. Hope it helps !

Ji how do you feel about crop tops and showing your belly button? 4. February 2016

Crop tops are among my basics, and I love styling them (see here and here for instance).
However, I must admit I’m not too keen on showing my belly button, most because I can’t stand feeling cold in this area (rather than out of embarassment). ^^

hello c’est quoi ça le site, vous êtes parisienne? c’est moi qui suis français de souche 26. June 2015

와우 프랑스어 잘하네, 귀염둥이 ~ ㅋㅋ

Hello, What jacket do you prefer? Leather or denim? 25. March 2015

Hi there~
I like leather jacket better, it’s way more versatile !

Who takes your pictures? 27. February 2015

Usually my sisters do the dirty job, and at times some friends (rarer though).

Depuis combien de temps tiens-tu ton site ? ;) from Thomas 27. February 2015

Depuis un peu plus d’un an et demi.