Worms | Mi-saison

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Already half way between fall and winter, and coming up with something cosy and warm at the same time gets easier by the day. Here is the second chapter of the collaboration with Worms Paris, this time in a full look (as you saw it on its own before — if you haven’t, you should go and check it out here). I personally think this pop of color looks lovely with the profusion of nude colors, what do you guys think ?


Wearing :
Outerwear – Uniqlo | Top and pants from SK | Pearl bracelet – Worms Paris x Les Interchangeables | Booties from PP



Au temps

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Noticed how this wine number is making its appearance quite often here ?
Slowly transitionning to fall and lower temperatures with this kaki meets wine color combo. Truth be told, this jacket have become the most infailling piece I ever had : a shield against the sun in Thailand, a perfect safeguard against rain while in South Korea, and a warmkeeper here — ok, who am I kidding ? Warmkeeper for now, not for long, cold sensitive as I am. But still. Never letting go of this little guy.


Wearing :
Hat – H&M | Jacket, pouch and pleather pants from SK | Shirt – The Kooples | Booties from PP




lab_worms_paris_bijoux_rambaud_les interchangeables

It is a well-known fact that pearls have a very soft spot in my heart :
find them around my neck or by the ears, and now adorning the wrist with Worms Paris.
Founded in 1900, the French Maison de joaillerie Worms Paris is the first importer in France of cultured pearls from Japan, and recently relaunched with an edgier and more modern image. To all of you who thought cultured pearls belonged to more mature women, you will think again with their new collection — U’rbaine, designed by Nathalie Tempier and Jérôme Rambaud with the city girl in mind.
If you are a lover of the Made in France, note that it was made in collaboration with Les Interchangeables :  the made-in-Paris band is not only extensible but also resistant (you can even wear it while taking a shower, but I would not recommend it if you want to preserve the pearl).
What’s more, men also get their share as an utterly masculine version has been created for the U’rband line, but in limited version only (I actually loved the effect given by its material, made from ruthenium !) : makes a perfect gift for our significant other.
Would you give it a try ?


 Wearing :
U’rband — Worms Paris x Les Interchangeables