LAB x Cracker Your Style | SWAP

First-time. Trying what is called a swap with Crackeryourstyle. Wondering about what I found in this little black box ? Keep scrolling down.


So what is a swap ?

Basically, it’s just like exchanging gifts with a specified theme and within a fixed budget. I don’t know much about other rules, but that was what Chloe told me in substance.
For our swap, we didn’t pick any particular theme, as it would have been too much of a restriction.
As for the budget, we went for a maximum of 75€, although I exceeded I bit. likeabyul_emoji_face_xp





So let the fun begin. likeabyul_emoji_face_xp
Chloe detailed everything on a side letter, guessing what was inside became even more exciting.







“Pour parfaire la panoplie. Ça les décorera joliment.”
The final touch. Adorning them nicely.

— Ah yes, since the letter is written in French, let me translate it for ya. likeabyul_emoji_grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes.png







“Même si nous sommes encore en été, j’ai pensé que c’est toujours bien d’avoir déjà ça sous la main pour te réchauffer en hiver.”

I know it’s still summer, but this is going to come in handy when winter will arrive and keep you warm.



— Oops, it’s almost winter haha ~
Forgot to tell that we planned our swap for September, but we met during October to exchange our gifts. And my own post comes out a bit late. likeabyul_emoji_grinning_face



“Parce que je sais que tu les adores, donc je pense que tu vas adorer ce gadget. J’espère que tu as une petite idée. ;)”

I know you love them, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love this gadget.

— Who doesn’t know I LOVE these little monsters ? likeabyul_emoji_smiling_face_with_heart-shaped_eyes




“Pour parfumer l’intérieur avec douceur. Dès que j’ai senti cette odeur, j’ai tout de suite pensé à toi.”

Diffusing a delicate fragrance indoors. I immediately thought of you when I smelt it.

Ylang Ylang. Tbh, after a few hours I couldn’t stand the smell, althought it’s a very subtle one. Put it to good use few weeks ago to pay hommage to the victims of the Paris attacks.






“Dans la continuité, quant à celui-ci, ça va te parfumer ton cou avec douceur et tu pourras l’emmener partout.”
This one is for your neck, and you can carry them everywhere.

— Travel-size, totally handbag friendly.




J’ai trop adoré cette odeur, je suis sûre que tu vas aimer aussi.
On aime toutes les deux cette marque.”
Jenipapo. I love this smell, I’m sure you’ll do as well. We’re both fond of this brand.
— Even the name sounds eccentric. Such a pleasant and refreshing scent.




“Tu pourras le transporter partout le matin quand tu seras en retard.”

Grab this every morning when you’re running late.



“Avec le cadeau 7., celui-ci le complétera. Toi qui adore ça comme moi, tu seras contente de l’ajouter à ta collection. Tu me diras ce que tu en penses.”

With the previous number, this will complete it. To the you who love tea as much as I do, you’ll be glad to add this to your collection. Tell me your thoughts.

— Ain’t this little set cute ? Tried this brand some years ago, got to taste it again yay. likeabyul_emoji_grinning_face

swap_likeabyul_crackeryourstyle_tea _hema_mug_set_2015



“Tu ne seras jamais à court pour ne pas oublier tes inspirations, idées, etc. Toujours un “outil” nécessaire pour une blogueuse.”

You’ll never be caught on the hop with this. A must-have “tool” for every blogger.

— Coincidentally, I bought the same notebooks but in different colors just weeks before our meeting. Perfect timing, as I planned to do some DIY.




“J’ai toujours voulu utiliser ces masques, mais j’ai jamais eu l’occasion d’essayer. En tout cas, ma mère, elle, adore. Tu me diras si tu as aimé.”

I always wanted to try these out, but never had the opportunity. My mum loves them btw. Gotta tell me if they are working.
— Have yet to try them, but they sounds yummy.

swap_likeabyul_crackeryourstyle_7th heaven_masks_2015


“Cette édition limitée t’accompagnera pour un bout de chemin. Addict à ça toutes les deux, tu kifferas. ^_^”

This limited edition is here for some time. We’re both addicted to this, you’ll love it. ^_^

— True. And this just smells gorgeous.




“Je te fais entrer dans mon monde avec joie. J’espère qu’il te plaira hein. Moi en tout oui ! Je l’ai depuis mon anniversaire et il est cool !”

I’m letting you in my universe. Hope you’ll like it as much as I do : I have it since my birthday and I find it really cool !

— I don’t own a lot of lipsticks, since I don’t do much makeup (counting a grand total of 3 YSL numbers, and that’s all likeabyul_emoji_face_xp). Loving the texture of this lippie though !




“Tu sauras quand tu le verras. Il sent tellement bon. Depuis son achat, il parfume certains de tes cadeaux, haha. Il a aussi imprégné mon ensemble Sandro. J’adore.”
You’ll know right away when you’ll lay your eyes on it. It smells so good. Since its purchase, its smells spread on some items of the swap, and even my Sandro ensemble.

— Loving the packaging, plus it smells really good !


And voilà !
If you’re curious about what I got for Chloe, head over to her channel and blog.
On a side note, it is going to be way shorter, haha ~
I hope you enjoyed reading (or just looking at the pictures !) this post ?
I’m playing a bit more with the presentation but it’s so time-consuming (not very compatible with the student + corporate life). ㅠㅠ
If you have any comments or feedbacks, I’ll be glad to hear them out. likeabyul_emoji_smiling_face